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Advertise your Boat FREE!!

To advertise your boat is free. You only pay a commision for each renting you obtain. If you earn on a rent, we also profit.

Simple Management.
With 2SBE you manage the reservations easily, season prices and availability of your boats.

Rent your boat and start to obtain profits.
You can make important profits renting out your boat without worries, being a 100% legal rent.

We can help you change the listing of the boat. The procedures are simple and the costs are covered by a few days rent.

You may still use the boat whenever you want.
With 2SBE you control your boat and decide when you rent it and when you use it.

A regular use of the boat foresees damage and failures to the boat. Make sure your boat is attended to, scrubbed down and regularly in good sailing condition, earning its keep.

Consult us writting to or calling to 687 370 895

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