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2Sail Boat Experience. Boat rentals in Málaga, Canary Islands, Barcelona and other destinations. We rent motor boats, luxury yachts, sailboats, catamarans, boats for groups, boats for parties, boats for stag or hen parties, boat trips, etc.

2Sail Boat Experience Is a company dedicated to the rent of boats of recreation, where we manage from a simple exit of noon, of a complete day or until complete weeks on board of the best boats of the market.

We offer you from a small boat, ideal for an active day of sailing, to fantastic yachts of the highest luxury. Our main office is in Malaga, where we offer our charter services for the entire Costa del Sol, but we also offer the boat rental service in other areas such as the Canary Islands or Barcelona.

We also coordinate the charter services for other destinations in Spain, with delegations in other areas of the national territory... ask us.

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Find your boat, sailboat, yacht or catamaran ideal to enjoy the sea. In this web you will find boats for rent in different destinations in Spain: Málaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Canarias, ... to spend a day fishing in the sea or take a walk with family or friends. Enjoying the most exclusive luxury aboard a yacht is at your fingertips, as well as many other activities and experiences. Check the tokens, characteristics and rates by clicking on the charter that interests you and contact us quickly to know the availability.

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To Sail Boat Experience has all the homologations, authorizations, permits, insurance and shipments necessary for the activities of boat rentals. Our staff and owners have the required professional qualifications.

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Do you fancy a Boat Trip in the Bay of Malaga? A day of fishing in Tenerife? A party on board a catamaran in Barcelona? You have found the ideal web. We have catamarans, sailboats, yachts, motor boats, ...

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If you are PER with sailing qualification and you have experience, you can ask with the boat rental options without skipper. But you can also ask us about the rent with professional crew included.